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                What size do you need to measure for a custom plastic bag? How to measure?

                2022-10-26 22:00

                What size do you need to measure for a custom plastic bag? How to measure?


                What size do you need to measure for a custom plastic bag? How should it be measured?


                When customizing plastic packaging bags, it is necessary to provide the size of the plastic bag to the plastic bag manufacturer. So If you have samples on hand, which sizes should be measured? How should it be measured?


                Firstly, the basic dimensions of the packaging bag should be measured:length, width ,side gusset, these three data are the basic data of food packaging bags, of course, only these are not enough.

                  custom plastic bag                 plastic packaging bags

                Secondly, it is necessary to measure the thickness of the packaging bag, generally the thickness of the single layer of the packaging bag. We should use a thickness gauge to measure the thickness of the bag. Generally, if there is no thickness gauge, the thickness can only be calculated by the load-bearing combined with the size of the product.

                 packaging bag

                Finally, some of the packaging bags have some detailed dimensions that also need to be measured, such as the distance between the printed pattern and the edge.

                custom plastic bag

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